We create amazing Content experiences engineered for every channel

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Motivational Design...

We use our deep understanding of psychology, design, culture, and Behavior to deliver creative that invites fun, provokes action and makes your brand an integral part of the user experience by engineering content for each platform.


Targeting & Outreach

We work intelligently to engage your audience wherever they play. We utilize trends, keywords, hashtags, and sound strategy to maximize your ROI and peace of mind.


Each campaign has its nuances and specific goals. We test several different content arrangements to identify the most effective creative to get the results we all want.


We leverage Snapchat and other social platforms to go where your audience is and deliver value to an experience through your brand. We don't care about platforms, we care about where your audience is.


We're growth hackers at heart. We use cutting edge techniques to quickly, and organically grow your brand with the best in class creative campaigns engineered for every channel.



Every business gets a unique marketing plan, and we bring it to fruition with 2-3 posts a week on the platforms that are most effective for your industry and niche. Engaging on the most effective platforms for your brand make it possible for you to discover your online community, spread word-of-mouth, and create conversations with current and potential customers that grow your brand organically.


Platform Optimization

Next, to create truly engaging social media content for your business, we claim and enhance the Big Three social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and even the ones you didn't know you need. We add captivating descriptions, great photos, and even create a logo if you're not happy with your current one.

We update everything, troubleshoot tech issues, and make sure your brand looks polished and professional before we launch any campaigns.

Content Publishing

After all your platforms are optimized we'll begin to post content engineered for each platform and more importantly your audience. We're experts... we post the right mixture of content to keep your followers engaged, entertained, and informed, oh and it's backed by data. Content consists of photos, graphics, tips, questions, articles, and a lot more to keep you at the forefront of your audience's mind.

Content Requests

As a part of our initial strategy we will plan around your events, sales, specials, and announcements. However, we understand things come up last minute. Don't worry, we'll make it work and make it look great.



We use our killer tech to find you new customers. We identify search terms specific to your business by scouring the web to enable us to be where your potential and new customers are. 

For example, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, we may find terms like, "hungry", "tacos", and "#bombmexicanfood". And for a Realtor in Santa Monica, we would identify terms like, "looking for a home in SaMo", "#househunting" (geo-based), and "it's time to move to L.A."

Building Relationships

When we respond and reach out on your behalf, it's all about creating a conversation. We keep your voice and brand in mind while communicating in a personalized and engaging way.


Learn about how we're revolutionizing what's possible for your brand on Snapchat


Mavrik Interactive Media is a full Brand interaction Media Company

We have some the best graphic designers, videographers, photographers, writers, and social engineers in the game. If you're looking for innovative brand awareness and advertising that looks and feels organic, reach out, we can make some awesome things together

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